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Paracord 2.0 - LEO Inspired

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***Very Important*** When Checking Out Please Make Sure to Give us your Exact wrist measurement in the Notes section for a correct fit.***

For an Accurate Wrist Measurement:

Please use a cloth/plastic measuring tape, if at all possible. If not, use a string, ribbon, or piece of paper to wrap around your wrist, just above the bone. Measure the marked length against a ruler or measuring tape. Please do not add or take away from the actual measurement.

Each Paracord piece is custom made to order by hand. A lot of work goes into the process, so it is important that you do not guess or estimate on the size, or use a metal measuring tape. Also, do not use an existing Paracord product for your measurement. It will not come out the same.

**The bands for these watches are made to order, therefore any order cancellations would have to be done within 24 hours of ordering.

First of our Collaboration Line of Paracord Band G-Shocks with's custom bands is the Thin Blue Line Analog & Digital GA-100 G-Shock customized with matte black bezel, custom made lugs, band, and clasp or shackle closure from Trilotac.

Durability and toughness is what these watches are all about. Tough G-Shock Watch combined with the additional toughness and durability of 550 Paracord and Trilotac's Craftsmanship make for an unbeatable timepiece that will always be ready for duty.

*4 Week Turnaround Time Barring any Parts Shortages (Business Days). Watches are made to order. This is the usual wait time although delays may occur depending on the amount of orders we have at the time. Do not order if you have no patience. Thank you.

**The Watch Pictured is equipped with the optional Butterfly Deployment Clasp Closure. Base Model comes with Adjustable Shackle.**

Base price - $219.99

***Very Important*** When Checking Out Please Make Sure to Give us your Exact wrist measurement in the Notes section for a correct fit.***

GA-100 Specifications

Shock Resistant
Magnetic Resistant
200 Meter Water Resistant
Auto LED Light with Afterglow
World Time
29 times zones (48 cities + UTC), daylight saving on/off, home city/world time swapping
4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm
Hourly Time Signal
1/1000 Second Stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 99:59'59.999"
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, lap time, split time
Others: Speed (0-1998 units/hour), Selection distance input (0.0-99.9)
Countdown Timer
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown range: 24 hours
Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments)
Other: Auto-repeat
Full Auto-Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
12/24 Hour Formats
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
Battery: CR1220
Approx. battery life: 2 years
Module 5081