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G-SHOCK | Paracord Survival | Quick Release

Image of G-SHOCK | Paracord Survival | Quick Release

Our G-SHOCK Wilderness Paracord Type-III watch bands are perfect for any outdoorsman. These straps feature our custom quick release adapters, G10 hybrid strap, 100% genuine military grade 550 wilderness cord which includes waxed jute, fishing line, dyna x cord and high-heat resistant nano aramid (perfect for hanging things over a fire). Also includes a flint rod, ranger band and wrist compass. Each band is custom made. Swap out your band in seconds and without tools!

Will fit GD-100, GD-110, GD-120, GA-100, GA-110, GA-120, GAX-100, GA-300, GA-400, GBA-400, G-6900, GW-6900, DW-6900, DW-6600, G-9100, G-9300, G-7900, DW-5600, GA-300, GLX-5600M, GX-56, G-9200, GLX-150, GG-1000, GW-9400 and other similar models


Band Material: 625 lb. tensile strength, rot and UV fading resistance
Quick Release Adapters: 4-hole system for securing paracord to watch
Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing: Mold, mildew, moisture and rot resistant
Compass: Includes degree marks and secondary intercardinal points which makes it much easier to navigate through any terrain
Ferro Rod: Provides a reliable way to start a fire
Wilderness Cord: Contains waxed jute, fishing line, dyna x cord and nano aramid
Sizes: Standard length fits wrists 6" to 8". Long length fits wrists 7" to 9"
Length: 7/8" wide with approx. 4' of cord